Dresses To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Summer is upon us, and we know what that means; that it is wedding season. It is the time to book flights, empty registries and purchase those cocktail dresses. When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding guest dresses, you may be overwhelmed since there are different levels of formalities and colors to decide on.

Most weddings will require semi-formal cocktail dresses, and for summer, bright colors will be perfect. Below are some of the gorgeous options on what to wear for that summer wedding that you have been invited to.

A Floral Dress

You can never go wrong with a floral dress. Even though you may be busy and do it at the last minute, it is an option that you will not regret. It has the feminine print that is perfect for a summer wedding. You can choose the decorative effects that you like; for example, you can go for an abstract pattern if straight-on florals are not for you. Also, note that you should scale your print to your figure. If you want to look smaller in florals, ensure that the print is tightly spaced, ensuring that less background is showing since it will give you a more modest look.

A Strapless Dress

A strapless silhouette will work wonders for you on a summer wedding. It will also show off those amazing shoulders that you have. You can opt for tea-length dresses for a more formal wedding and a shorter one for one that is less formal. You could carry a lightweight wrap in case the weather is variable in the area the wedding will be taking place. If you love accessories, then this is the perfect dress to try out.

A Ruffled Dress

A girly ruffled dress will be perfect for a summer wedding and bring out the young girl in you. Wearing ruffles to the face will bring the focus up. If you love dancing, you can try out a ruffled hem dress that will show off your amazing dance moves. Also, tiered ruffles will add some softness to your look.

A Maxi Dress

One of the best looks of the summer season is always the maxi dress. So, why not try it out? Its versatile length will work for both formal weddings and beachside weddings. It is advised to look for vivid colors to show off your taste. You could also try out different prints and cuts that are flattering to your body type. You have the option to add heals or wear flat shoes to make the dancing easier for you, later on in the evening.

When it comes to choosing a dress for a summer wedding, the only important thing not to wear is white; otherwise, you have many options to choose from. With the above examples, you can check out what best speaks to you and try it out. They will ensure that you will stand out in a crowd and make you worthy of a best-dressed guest nod. Ensure that whatever you choose will be comfortable since comfortability is critical in this hot summer.