The Best Women’s Clothing for Female Body Shapes

The female body is a beautiful thing, and clothing should be worn in order to accentuate the natural body shape that you were gifted with! In this article, we will discuss not only great wardrobe tips for various body types but also tips on how to appear lengthier or more petite.

  • Dressing a Pear Shape

A pear shape is one that features slender shoulders and arms, a small bust and waist, and larger bottom half. This is a lovely body shape, but of course, you will want to make each half appear more in proportion. One tip? Wear separates. Allow your tops to be where you show off your favorite prints and designs. On your bottom half, wear dark, plain colors. For example, a great outfit would be one with a bold and colorful floral print top and either a dark skirt or trousers.

Are you wanting to fill your closet with beautiful dresses, as well? Show off your slim shoulders with off-the-shoulder dresses. Another idea? Wear a sleeveless dress, as these visually balance a smaller upper half with a wider bottom half.

  • Dressing an Apple Shape

Unlike the pear shape, this is a body type that features broad shoulders, an ample bust, and slimmer hips and thighs. Weight gain tends to fill out the bust and waist. Therefore, the best way to flatter this shape would be to draw attention away from the midsection. You would want to dress this body shape similar to that of a pear shape but in reverse. Bolder prints and designs look best on skirts and trousers while darker-colored tops would be ideal. Avoid wearing low-rise shorts and pants as well as high-cut tops.

When you have been blessed with the bust that apple-shaped ladies have, you can wear scoop neck tops and V-neck tops in a way that shows off your bust. You can also show off your sexy, shapely legs wearing skirts that hit you at the knee or an inch or two above. Shoes with heels can also showcase your lovely legs as you go throughout your day.

  • Dressing to Lengthen the Body

If you are on the petite side, you can wear clothing and shoes that help you appear taller, especially when you are dressing up. Select a skirt that hits you just above the knee. In fact, one or two inches above the knee is ideal. Wear shoes that are colored similarly to your skin or the hosiery you will be wearing. Heels will also help to lengthen your leg and make you seem taller than you are. In addition, wear vertical stripes.

  • Dressing to Shorten the Body

Are you a taller lady, and wish to appear more petite? Wear pants that are cuffed, as this gives the illusion of a shorter leg. In addition to this, you can look more on the petite side when you wear longer tops, as well as skirts that hit you just below the knee. One or two inches will work wonders visually.